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 Blanket Chest

Espresso handcrafted blanket chestOak blanket chestCherry blanket chest with cedar lining

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Are you looking for the ideal place to keep your blankets and fine linens? Look no further, as Wood Creations has a great selection of personalized chests for you to choose from. We are a family owned business that has been creating custom crafted chests and toy boxes for people all around the world for many years. Each blanket chest is custom handcrafted to give it a classic and stylish look you can't buy in any store. When you order from Wood Creations, you know you are getting a completely unique look that you won't find anywhere else.


No matter what the decor of your home is, you can custom design your chest to fit any room. Each is made of top quality oak and has a double lid support so that you can hold up the lid in any position. Each is strong and resilient enough to hold up to every day wear and tear. We also offer many decorative options to choose from, including personalization, so that your trunk matches perfectly the look and feel of your home.

A custom crafted wood trunk makes the perfect gift for any individual or family. A newlywed couple decorating their new home will appreciate an attractive storage space that will hold linens or other delicate items that may have been special wedding gifts. Our pieces also make great gifts for families with children who need a place to store stuffed toys, games, clothing, or bedspreads. We make sure each of our wood products have been designed for maximum enjoyment by anyone makes a place for one in their home. The frames and structure of our boxes are intended to hold various items and withstand many years of use so they last for generations to come.

We offer two basic design options: a cedar base made from Eastern U.S. cedar to fill it with that great aroma, or a standard oak finished base that adds an elegant appeal. Cedar is a nice choice if you will be storing your blankets in the bedroom, as it adds a fresh and pleasing scent. Cedar is also ideal for storing wool items and delicate family heirlooms so as to avoid future problems with moths and other insects. Selecting an oak finish is also a beautiful choice, as many shades of oak create warm colors that will match any of the colors in your home. Smooth oak finishes will never go out of style, even as the decor of your house changes over time.

The way the outside of your blanket chest looks is up to you. We've designed our products so that you have the ultimate power when it comes to decorating and adorning the piece you choose. There are several different finished looks you can select from:

  • Laser engraving - This option gives an elegant look and feel. Choose from a particular design, border, or personalized lettering depending on the style you're looking for. Laser engraving has great detailing, much like a photograph from a magazine. You have the ability to use any image idea you like so you can create a chest that is a reflection of your own personal style, or that you can give away as a special gift.
  • Personalized chests - Are a nice option when you want to create something that is unique to you or the person you are buying the gift for. Either laser engrave the lettering, or select letters made from sold maple. Personalizing your chest is a great way to add elegance and sophistication to the exterior. If purchasing a special gift for a child or family, engraving a child's name (or several) to the box will make it extra special.
  • Carved borders - Are a third choice that reflect an extra bit of class. Each border is 1/4 inch high and circles the top from one end to the other.

There are several borders you can choose from for your blanket chest. All of our borders reflect the detailed craftsmanship we believe in. Each has been custom designed to reflect a particular theme or motif, thus creating a special addition to your personalized trunk. They include:

  • Horses - This selection is ideal if you are using it to store horse blankets.
  • Cats - For the bedroom chest used for blankets and linens, cats are a good choice for the cat lover.
  • Bears and Blocks - If you're storing blankets for a baby or young child you'll want to choose this cute border pattern.
  • Wildlife - This border is perfect for those chests that are going to be displayed in a family room or living room.
  • Farm Animals - For the older child, farm animals are a nice choice that add personality to any bedroom.
  • Floral - This is an elegant border that is ideal for a bedroom or as a wedding gift for that special bride and groom.
  • Basket Bouquet - If you are looking for one that can be displayed in any room in your home, this is a good choice. The Basket Bouquet is simple, yet stylish for holding all your blankets and linens.

Chests can be ordered in different sizes depending on where you want to place the blanket chest, how much you want to spend, and what type of design you're looking for. As well, you have the option of buying your chest unfinished. This allows you to custom finish the exterior of the box on your own using a variety of finishes such as a subtle painted finish, stenciled designs of your choice, or creative paint finishes. When you buy one unfinished, you can ensure it has a finish that matches the rest of the décor in the room perfectly.

No matter where in the world you live, Wood Creations is ready to ship your beautiful item to you so that it arrives safely. We have been custom handcrafting chests and toy boxes since 1999, and we continue to bring you quality products that you'll be proud to display in any room in your home. Feel free to communicate with us directly if you have questions about how we ship our products or the methods we use to create and fashion each piece.

If you are looking for a custom handcrafted chest to keep your blankets in, contact us for more information on how you can order your personalized blanket chest. We have everything you need to buy the chest you've been dreaming of to complete your home décor.

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