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Creative Toy Box Ideas: Getting Away From The Plastic Toy Box

Creative Toy Box Ideas: Getting Away From The Plastic Toy Box

If you’re like most parents, the toys are probably taking over your house! This is because kids today have more toys than they know what to do with! If you’re looking for a creative way to keep the toys out of sight when they’re not being played with, you’re in luck. Here are some creative toy box ideas that look great, and can eliminate those ugly plastic toy chests.

A Storage Bench

It’s easy to make your own storage bench out of a few furniture pieces found in any big box store. First, start with a tall cube toy storage system that’s either one or two rows wide. These cubes can be quite tall, which means that little hands are unable to reach the toys in the highest cubes, but this problem can be eliminated if you turn the unit on its side so that it’s long instead of tall. The cubes will then be the perfect height for small children.

For small toys, fill the cubes with small storage baskets or bins. Many larger toys will be able to fit in a cube by themselves, which means there’s a place for everything. To pull the look of the room together, sew some bench cushions in fun, colorful fabric, and place them on top of the unit to make a fun storage bench and additional seating.

Planter Baskets

If you’re looking for something unique, head out to your nearest garden center and look for some planter baskets. It’s possible to find them in all different shapes and sizes and these planters can often be cheaper than a traditional basket found in other stores. Tall, wicker planter baskets can become toy storage that sits on the floor, while smaller wire planters can actually be attached to the walls in a bedroom or playroom to hold small toys.

Wooden Toy Boxes

toyboxes-for-babiesAnother great looking option is a wooden toy box. It’s possible to find boxes in a variety of styles, including wooden boxes in a number of wood finishes and hand-painted boxes that add a sweet touch of whimsy to a child’s room or playroom. The best wooden toy boxes can also double as storage benches, which mean that the boxes need to be quite sturdy. Also look for one with air ventilation in case the box becomes a favorite hide and seek spot, and proper lid supports so that you don’t need to worry about the top slamming down on tiny fingers — ouch!

Toys are a necessity if you have children because toys can help foster creativity and imaginative play for nearly all ages. While there’s nothing wrong with a plastic toy box, many parents are looking for something that looks a little nicer than the plastic toy chests that are found in many toy stores. By shopping a little smarter, you’ll be able to have a toy box that is a part of your home’s interior design, and continues to look great year after year.

photo credit: Bigger Robots via photopin (license)

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