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Cedar Chest

Cherry cedar chest and blanket chestOak cedar chest and blanket chestCedar chest top view
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A Handcrafted Cedar Chest is a Great Way
to Store Just About Anything.

Not only can one of these chests be a great place to keep your belongings, but it can also be a very decorative piece in your home. You can place the chests that are made by Wood Creations at the foot of your bed as a place to put extra blankets and pillows. These chests can also be placed in the entryway as a place to sit while you put on your shoes or prepare for an outing. Our cedar chest creations look great, smell great, and can function in a variety of ways in the home.

Ours are not ordinary chests that you can buy just anywhere. Not only do these chests look great, they are of very fine quality. If you purchase a cedar chest from Wood Creations, you can expect to hand it down from generation to generation as they are of heirloom quality. Even if you do not want to give away your purchase, you can purchase one for the members of your family when they get married, have a child, or celebrate any other major life event. Everyone can find a place for these great chests in their home because they can be used in so many ways.

Example of cedar chest

The great thing about our cedar chest is that it can be personalized. We can engrave them with designs, names, initials, or anything you like! This personalization makes the chests something that everyone will want to proudly display in the home. These chests can be given to a child when they are born so that the parents have a place to store blankets and such, and as they get older it will stay with them and provide a storage place as well as a place to sit. Cedar is a great addition to any home and will stand the test of time.

If you have any interest at all in chests for yourself of the people in your life, we at www.woodtoybox.com can fulfill your needs in a way that no one else can. Our very personalized and well constructed cedar chests can make a great addition to your home or can be a cherished gift for friends and family. Wood Creations looks forward to working with you to create the ultimate cedar furnishings for your home!

Handcrafted Cedar Chests

A handcrafted cedar chest is a thing of beauty.  As a cedar chest manufacturer, we take pride in our products and create them to precise specifications.  Quality is job number one and we do our job well.  And that's not all.  These quality constructions have many uses so you will be able to benefit from having them in your home.

Storage Chests

These chests can store anything.  Your handcrafted cedar chest could serve as a wooden toy box.  If you never know where to store all those toys out of sight but still have them ready for playtime then these handcrafted wooden toyboxes are for you.  You can put all the toys away out of sight but always ready for the next adventure.

These chests can also be used as handcrafted hope chests.  A hope chest can hold anything that is near and dear to your heart and our spacious handcrafted cedar chests are perfect for this job.  Or you can make use of our cedar chests as simple cedar blanket chests so that an extra blanket is never far away on a cold winter's night.

Extra Seating

You may not have thought about a handcrafted cedar chest as being a place to sit but our sturdy constructions can be just that.  Whether you are changing your shoes or taking a load off, our cedar chests can help you out.  If you need extra seating and storage in one room then choose a cedar chest.


Aside from being functional, our handcrafted cedar chests are decorative.  And the beauty does not stop with you choosing an attractive pre-made chest.  We can manufacture a custom handcrafted cedar chest just for you.  Whether you keep it for yourself or give it as an unforgettable gift, we can use personalized lettering, laser engraving, and special wooden borders to make your chest unique.  

You do not have to have a handcrafted cedar chest that everyone else has. You can have one that is special, that is all your own.  You can make your cedar chest fit in with the rest of your home's décor perfectly.  

A great gift giving idea is to surprise friends and family with a cedar chest that no one else ever would think to give or could give.  You can let someone know just how special they are to you.  Whether they are used as cedar blanket chest, as childrens toyboxes, as decorations, or just as a place to sit, our handcrafted cedar chests are the perfect gift to someone else or even to yourself.


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