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Toy Box Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the exact dimensions of the toyboxes?
Are the handcrafted toyboxes made of real wood?
What about the optional solid cedar base?
What kind of finish and stain do the toyboxes have?
Can I order an unfinished toybox?
Is the toybox safe?
What are the Policies for Damaged parts, Returns and Exchanges?
Is assembly required?
What about shipping costs?
How is it the toy chest shipped?
How long does delivery take?
I want to give the toybox as a gift. How can this be arranged?
Is this a secure site for my credit card?
How can we contact Wood Creations?

  • What are the exact dimensions of the toyboxes?
    • Handcrafted toyboxes -
      • outside dimensions are 41"L x 21" W x 20" H
      • Inside dimensions are 36"L x 18 1/2"W x 17"H
    • Manufactured toyboxes
      • Dimensions are marked throughout the website next to the description of the manufactured toyboxes. All the manufactured toyboxes are smaller in size than the handcrafted toy chests. If you want lots of storage, buy our handcrafted toybox!

  • Are they made of real wood?
    • Our handcrafted toy chests are made of wood… beautiful wood! Solid oak is used for the corner posts. Oak veneered panels are framed with solid oak. The cherry and espresso toyboxes are made from birch wood. The bamboo toy boxes is 100% bamboo.
    • The manufactured toyboxes have wooden components, however furniture grade fiber board and plywood are used with many of the manufactured toyboxes.
  • What about the optional solid cedar base?
    • The classic blanket chests of years ago were always made of cedar. This would protect cloth items from insects, etc. You can add a solid cedar base to the bottom of a handcrafted toybox and blanket chest. The cedar we use is aromatic "eastern" cedar which has the traditional cedar chest aroma. This not only has a functional purpose but also adds style to the wooden chest.

  • What kind of finish does the handcrafted toy box have?
    • The stain we use for the oak and bamboo toybox has warm amber coloring with very slight reddish tones. The finish would be best described as a natural finish. We use just enough stain to bring out the beautiful grain. The topcoat is a clear satin finish.

      The cherry handcrafted toybox has a deep rich reddish color stain and topcoated with clear satin finish. You can see the grain through the stain for a beautiful finish.

      The espresso toybox is very dark and almost black, however when you put something black next to it you can tell that it is a deep/dark reddish brown. It is also clear coated with a satin finish. The stain is so dark that the grain of the wood is hardly noticeable.

      ALL of our finishing products are lead free and safe for children and meet all California furniture standards!

  • Can I order an unfinished toybox?
    • Yes, our handcrafted toybox and blanket chest are offered as an unfinished (unstained) product. You save $45.00 if you stain the chest yourself. It can be very rewarding to finish your own box! You can then match to any decor. Most stains with a polyurethane topcoat will work well. We recommend a product made by Minwax called "Polyshades" that is a polyurethane and stain mixed together which is very easy to use. Finishing instructions are included with your purchase. Sorry, unfinished toyboxes are not available with laser engravings. You can order the unfinished toy chests here.

  • Is the toybox safe?
    • The toyboxes and blanket chests are designed for the safety of our family and yours! Our employees have children and have used these toyboxes in their own homes. We have never had a issue about safety from any of our customers since our startup in 1999.

      The most important feature of our toyboxes are the lid supports, so the toybox does not slam down when lifted up. Whatever the lid position, it does NOT drop. ALL of our toyboxes, whether manufactured or handcrafted, have well designed lid supports.

      • Endorsement of lid supports used in Classic Oak Toyboxes and Blanket Chests

        Taken from Fact Sheet #74- Consumer Product Safety Commission, Washington D.C.
        • "If you are buying a new toy chest with a hinged lid, make sure it has a lid support that will hold the lid open in any position...one supplier of hinges to the cabinetmaking industry (Carlson Capitol Manufacturing Co.) makes a spring-loaded support device...this device conforms to the voluntary standard set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1984."
        • Wood Creations Inc. uses these same lid supports recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
        • ALL of our finishing products are lead free and safe for children!
        • ALL of our toy chests include air ventalation required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

  • What are the policies for Damages, Returns and Exchanges?
    • Damaged Toybox - If you receive a damaged toybox because of shipping damage, please call or e-mail us. We will send out replacement parts at no extra charge.
    • Manufacturing Defect - If a toy box appears to have a manufacturing defect, email us for instructions. If for any reason there is a manufacturing defect within one year of purchase, we will send out new replacement parts.
    • Returns - Wood Creations is dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you are not completely satisfied with your toybox within 30 days, please call or e-mail us for return instructions. Toy chests must be returned in original condition and packaging for a full refund. Return shipping costs will be at the customer's expense.

  • Is assembly required?
    • Yes, all of our toyboxes are ready to assemble and require about 20 minutes of your time.

  • What about shipping costs?
    • Shipping is Free to our customers in the US lower 48 states.

      If shipping to Canada we do ask that you select our special fee for prepaid broker, duty and tax fees. These will be paid by us in advance when you prepay the fee.

      We also can ship Fed Ex Express if you wish. Please use the dropdown menu in our shopping cart for more information.

      For other locations in the world please contact Wood Creations Inc. so shipping rates can be arranged. (
      contacting us)

  • How is it shipped?
    • The toybox and blanket chest will be shipped Fed Ex Ground. We can also ship Fed Ex Express. Please see our shopping cart for express options.

  • How long does delivery take?
    • Toyboxes and blanket chests are custom made with your specifications. Most of the year allow 10-12 days from the time you order until delivery. If you need a toy box delivered in a hurry for a special event (birthday, baby shower etc.) give us a call. Would love to accomodate your wishes. Contact Us

  • I want to give the toybox as a gift. How can this be arranged?
    • No problem. Go ahead and order your toy box. Within our shopping cart you will see a text-box to write us a note. Give us special instructions such as an alternated shipping address, requested arrival date, or any other information that will help you make it a terrific gift and surprise! We will put a note with the packing slip. We never write any dollar amounts or invoice amounts on the packing slip. The recipient will not know the amount paid for the toybox.

  • Is this a secure site for my credit card?
    • Yes, VERY safe and secure. Credit card processing is done through our shopping cart and Paypal.com. The information you submit is encrypted, meaning it is coded so nobody can intercept the transaction. We have been in business since 1999 and have NEVER had a problem with credit card information being stolen or intercepted. If you wish, we can also take the order over the phone.
      (ordering number: 701-214-1520)


    How can we contact Wood Creations Inc. ? (contacting us)



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