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Buy a Quality Wood Toy Chest for your Toddler

Buy a Quality Wood Toy Chest for your Toddler

Personalizing a toy box changes the entire appearance of the box and your child will always cherish the moment and memories associated with it.

Wood Creations Inc. provides special attention and quality craftsmanship. These boxes are designed with safety hinges and lid supports so tiny fingers do not get pinched. The storage space of the box is incredible, and your child can keep all their toys organized and tidy.

These toy boxes are available in various sizes at an affordable price and made of 100% high quality wood. You can also engrave the name of your child on the box and make it personalized. There is no need to look for a plastic toy chest when you can purchase a durable wood toy chest.

Our personalized, laser engraving offers you a place to engrave your child’s name or birth date. Unlike a plastic toy chest, a Wood Toy Chest has an upper lid that is strong, and once closed, can be used as bench seat.  These wooden toy boxes are made of high quality wood and offer a cedar base option.

If you need any assistance, we are always available to help. Order your personalized wooden toy boxes now! Shop at

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