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Decorating a Small Space? Wooden Toy Boxes Transform Any Room!

Decorating a Small Space? Wooden Toy Boxes Transform Any Room!

When decorating a small space, one often finds the most practical and creative ways to incorporate multi-functional items throughout the home décor. Wooden toy boxes are certainly no exception, in fact they can become the most powerful secret weapon when it comes to providing extra storage in a stylish way.

There Are Plenty Of Ways To Utilize The Extra Storage Provided By Toy Chests

Wooden blanket chests or toy boxes can be used to eliminate clutter by providing storage for:

  • books and magazines
  • shoes
  • out of season clothing
  • pillows and blankets
  • towels
  • storing recipes
  • arts & craft supplies
  • board games
  • toys, of course
  • hiding gifts
  • and much, much more!

Every household faces their own challenges of “extra stuff” that usually lies around on tables or in drawers. All it takes to keep any room tidy is the right type of organization system and storage… and this just happens to be the primary purpose of toy chests.

Beyond Storage, Wooden Toy Boxes & Blanket Chests Are Also Attractive Home Décor

Of course, having a tidy room is attractive enough… but there’s a good reason why trunks and chests are used as decorative items. (Because they are decorative, of course!) Wooden toy chests can easily blend in with any taste or style of home décor, and that’s reason enough to incorporate one into your own living room.

Yet instead of trying to blend blanket chests or toy boxes with other décor, there are ways to utilize them into becoming the focal point of any room. Especially useful in very small spaces, blanket chests and toy chests can be used as shelves or tables (simply place decorative candles, a vase or lamp, or even knick knacks on the top) and can also create a window bench or additional seating when covered with a cushion.

Add your own personal touches to completely customize the decorative and purposeful use of toy boxes into your home! Speaking of customizing, contact us to learn more about customizing a wooden toy chest as a special occasion gift! We offer a variety of clip art and designs, along with an extensive selection of lettering options, to make any toy box or blanket chest a personalized gift or home décor.

Wooden Creations, Inc. is a family owned business specializing in quality, hand crafted wooden chests and trunks for any purpose.

photo credit: UrbaneApts / Two Bedroom / Catalpa via photopin (license)

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