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Essential Tips For Building A Wooden Toy Box

Essential Tips For Building A Wooden Toy Box

If you’re looking for a one of a kind gift for a child in your life, you may not have thought to build a toy box. However, these gifts can be intensely personal and something that’s treasured for years and years to come, even after the children are grown. Before you tackle this project, take advantage of these essential tips for building a wooden toy box for a frustration free project.

Tips To Build A Toy Box From Scratch

Toy Box with Safe Lid Supports“How to make a toy chest”, you may ask.  If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go online and find a number of different toy box plans, find the wood, sand, prime, stain and then put all the pieces together. This is definitely time consuming, especially if you’re not an experienced woodworker and could have disastrous results if you’re not used to reading toy box plans and dealing with power tools like saws and sanders. Alternatively, if you can’t find toy box plans that you like, it’s possible to use cedar chest plans.

However, if you know how to make a toy chest and already have the tools, you can build your own large toy box. Make sure you understand what type of wood is best to use. A softer wood, like pine, can easily dent or scratch, which means it might not be the best choice if you’re planning to build a toy box from scratch. When building a toy box, choose a harder wood, like oak or birch, for the best results.

Make sure to read the toy box plans thoroughly before you begin, and gather all your tools. Making sure you have everything ready to go before you start will help ensure success as you try to build a wooden toy box.

Tips For Working With An Unstained Wooden Toy Box

Alternatively, if you want to build a toy box, but aren’t comfortable with the woodworking aspect of the project, you can order large toy chests that simply need to be stained and then put together. offers an unfinished wooden toy box, and buying an unfinished wooden toy box means that it’s possible to apply any color stain, getting a completely custom toy chest.

Not Sure You Know How To Build Toy Box From Scratch

If you don’t think you can stain or build a toy box from scratch, you have one last option — buying a finished wooden toy box that simply needs to be put together. These large toy boxes from come to you ready to assemble and they typically only take about 20 minutes of your time. Additionally, when you purchase one of these ready to assemble large toy boxes, you can choose from a number of engraving and personalization options.

Why Not A Plastic Toy Chest?

Espresso toy boxBefore you decide to build a toy box, you might wonder why not just purchase a plastic toy chest. While there’s nothing wrong with a plastic toy chest, there’s something special and timeless about a wooden toy box. A wooden toy box that’s solidly built can last decades, which is why many parents choose to forgo a plastic toy chest for a timeless wooden toy box.

If you’re not sure you’re ready to build a toy box, visit to see our full range of handcrafted and laser engraved large toy boxes!

photo credit: schaufelkopf via photopin (license)

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