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Toy Bin Customization Ideas

Toy Bin Customization Ideas

In years past, parents who wanted a toy organizer had very few choices — they simply had to choose from whatever large toy boxes a store had in stock. However, as woodworking has evolved and equipment has improved, it’s possible to choose from a number of customization options, which means that no two large toy boxes will be exactly the same. Here are a few of the different ways parents can customize their toy organizer.

Choose Your Finish

espresso toy box with shaddow bold personalizationOne of the easiest ways to get a custom toy organizer is to choose a finish that matches the existing furniture in the room. Popular finishes include a warm, honey oak color, a deep rich cherry, eco-friendly bamboo and popular espresso. The large toy boxes are coated in a clear satin topcoat, which helps bring out the beauty in both the wood and the stain.

If you’re looking for a completely personal toy organizer, it’s possible to order an unfinished wooden toy chest. These large toy boxes come ready to stain and will provide you with a completely custom toy organizer.

Lastly, if you want something a little more whimsical, it’s possible to order a hand-painted toy organizer. Although these are individually hand-painted, they are standard designs, which means it’s possible for someone else to have the same design. These hand-painted large toy boxes are available in a number of styles, including butterflies, safari animals, sports themes and other fun designs.

Consider Engraving

If you choose a handcrafted wooden toy chest, it’s possible to make them even more personal. It’s possible to have a name engraved on the front of the wooden toy chest using high-quality, 300 dpi laser engraving. There are a number of different fonts available, from fun fonts like Cookie and a Thematic Alphabet, to elegant fonts like Calligraphy and Edwardian.

In addition to a name, it’s also possible to incorporate one of thousands of pieces of clip art into the engraved design. Make sure that you receive a proof of what the design will look like before it’s engraved, because there’s no going back once engraving starts on the wooden toy chest.

Add An Oak Border

Another customization option is an oak border. These carved borders are available in quite a few different designs, including bears, trains, horses and wildlife. It’s important to realize that these borders are only available on the oak finish large toy boxes.

Choose a Regular or Cedar Bottom

One last customization option is to add a cedar bottom. Cedar is a natural pest repellant, which makes it easy for large toy boxes to double as storage chests after the children have grown. Many parents store blankets, extra bed linens, pillows and other textiles since the cedar repels moths and other pests that can damage them.

Before you choose the right toy organizer, make sure that you understand your customization options and take advantage of them. Whether you’re choosing a finish that matches the other furniture in your home or you want to personalize your toy organizer with a child’s name, contact Wood Toy Box for help in making your wooden toy chest a one of a kind creation.

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