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Toy Boxes Need Lid Supports!

Toy Boxes Need Lid Supports!

Toy boxes are a fantastic way to store children’s toys and stuffed animals as well as keep clutter to a minimum. Although there are many toy boxes out there to choose from, few are as beautifully decorated and equally safe as those handcrafted and sold at Wood Creations Inc. These toy boxes are available in either oak, cherry or espresso wood finishes and can seamlessly blend in with the rest of the home’s decor. Not only that, but the toy boxes feature a variety of options including personalized lettering, wooden borders as well as laser engraving.

Is the Toy Box Safe?

toy box safety - lid supportsAs a parent, one always wants to ensure their children are safe. Many times toy boxes do not have the design necessary for the safety of the family. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the toy chest with a hinged lid has to have a toy box lid supports that will hold the lid open in any position. Toy box safety is very important to Wood Creations Inc., therefore they use these same lid supports recommended by this Commission.

The toy boxes and blanket chests are designed for the safety with the most important feature of the toy boxes being the lid supports to ensure that the toy box does not slam down when lifted up. This means that whatever the lid position, it will not drop. All of the toy boxes, whether manufactured or handcrafted, have well-designed toy box lid supports. This safety feature ensures that the lid will not fall on top of children when trying to retrieve their toys.

Not only that, but the wooden toy boxes created by Wood Creations Inc. are lead free and safe for children of all ages. All of the toy chests also include air ventilation required by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The Safety Features of the Toy Boxes and Chests

Wood Creations Inc. offers a variety of safe toy chest and toy box styles to ensure that there is a beautiful, handcrafted toy box suitable for every child. Various manufactured toy box styles include the colonial toy box available in dark cherry, pecan and white wood finishes as well as the toy box ‘n’ bench style available in dark cherry, pecan, white and espresso as well as the “cute” toy box in white.

The colonial toy chest features a seating area, generous storage with removable dividers as well as casters for enhanced mobility. As far as toy box safety goes, this particular style includes two safety hinges and cutouts to prevent finger pinching. The toy box ‘n’ bench is spacious and has a classic look, and also doubles as a bench for children to sit on. This safe toy chest includes two safety hinges for superb toy box safety. The cute toy box is perfect for any room as it is smaller in size, making it very useful for almost any space. This particular style features toy box lid supports and cutouts for safety.

There are also blanket chests and hope chests that feature a classic design to fit any decor. All of their wooden chests offer double toy box lid supports which enables the lid to hold in any position.

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